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My mother suffered with diabetes from being a young woman of 28 years until her death aged 79. Throughout that time our family saw and experienced many changes both through the advances of medical technology and the way diabetes was treated. Now there is so much help available for all those personally affected by diabetes and for their families.

Diabetes UK – This link takes you to the charity’s home page

Diabetes Uk Guide to Diabetes – Discusses many of the day-to-day concerns of those affected by diabetes and includes a wonderful recipe section.

 Alzheimer’s Disease

In the latter part of her life, my mother developed Alzheimer’s which was not only debilitating and limiting for my mother but affected every member of our family. Sadly, we are not unique in that, Alzheimer’s is life changing for all involved. 

The Alzheimer’s Society – offers help and support for both those suffering with Alzheimer’s and their families.





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