Happiness is…


 in every smile

in a baby’s heartbeat

in every hug

in a good deed

in a beautiful flower

in every raindrop

in your favourite colour

in a brand new day

in the sight of a rainbow

in fluffy white clouds

in a summer’s day

in a beautiful snowflake

in a kind word

in giving and receiving praise

in every thankful thought

in gratitude

in cooperation

in kindness

in every little star

in all new growth

in a cuddle

in consideration

in every selfless act

in appreciation

in caring and sharing

in the unfolding

in the eyes of your children

in your heart

in your friend’s needs

in laughter

in friendship

in helping one another

in new learning

in music

in your child’s first word

in the sight of a waterfall

in your dreams

in finding the answer

in being YOU

in honouring yourself

coming home

in YOUR life…


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