I went to the shops this evening; it wasn’t for anything overly special, just to get some new underwear and a new work shirt, and of course easy to do these days, with supermarkets selling everything including clothes, and staying open very late, although I didn’t much fancy going at all. I’d been putting off going for what felt like forever, and I’d thought of nothing more than a bath, and a date with my coffee cup and the settee, after work. However, needs must….

As I walked round with the basket on my arm, I was taken with all the autumnal colours that seduced my eyes. Plaid shirts which felt so soft to the touch, and all the browns, oranges and golds, tones and shades that complimented each other beautifully. Sumptuous, cosy looking coats with fur trimmed hoods, and boots for style and to snuggle my toes. Layers and knitted scarves, long line jumpers and chunky checkered cardigans, #autumn to wear and to decorate my home. The choice was endless, and beautiful for sure, my senses were heightened and the cosy factor was definitely soaring.

I love Autumn, it is one of my favourite seasons. I love all the exquisite colours, and the colourful landscapes, and the crunchy textures underfoot are most captivating. Autumn invokes wonderful emotions and feelings of comfort for me. Hot chocolate, and snuggles on the sofa wrapped in blankets and throws, the fire in the grate setting the tone and the ambiance of family evenings gathered in the living room after tea. A teatime of heart-warming casseroles and home-made soups, crusty bread, and fruit crumbles with delicious creamy custard. Delicious aromas as we open the front door on cold evenings. Books, and reading by the fire and candles flickering softly on the dresser. Yes, thoughts of Autumn, brings a tumble of words that invoke wonderful feelings and that immediately warm the senses. Cosy, comfy, words, that describe my feelings and emotions, and that provoke beautiful memories of childhood and Mum’s and Nan’s cooking, so wholesome and warming and that hit spots in your heart you never knew were there, and spots that indeed last a lifetime.

Autumn and Halloween, fun and frolics, Autumn and Bonfire Night, and families and colour, Autumn and changes, so colourful and some filled with mystery, mood swings and laughter and warmth and love. Walks to admire the colourful show of a season so glorious and all aglow.

The time for change, Autumn is spectacular when you take time to look, and to feel its natural beauty so vibrant and elegant and filled with so many golden hooks. A showmanship of Hanging on to autumnsplendour and changes galore for she ebbs and blows in announcement of both the old and the new. She lays the path for the Wintertime and for Christmas too, and as I looked round the store tonight, I could quite clearly see that Christmas was very much due. The berries and plaids of reds and dark greens how they complimented the beautiful glowing Autumn shades. For now Autumn lives on and maintains its amazing great stature as the season flows in, and ebbs ever closer to the cooler and the cold, becoming more muted as she nurtures and grows her sleeping winter trees so bear yet so bold, stately and striking like ladies in waiting to be clothed with amazing beauty and  to light up the sky.

Now we all know that November the 5th is over and done, and I can clearly see that Christmas is now the shops next ball of fun, but for me for the moment I want to savour a bit more, the autumnal shades and changes galore. So I’m hanging on to Autumn, for just a little while longer, I want to linger in cosiness and snuggles and books, and sit by the fire and enjoy how it looks. I know Christmas is coming, and I love that so very much too, but I don’t want to miss any of the glorious hues. I want to ponder the changes and feel good inside as the temperature drops slowly and Jack Frost no longer hides. I want to wallow in the warmth of my living room fire and think of chestnuts in Manchester and my hand held tightly in my Grandad’s palm, and let the love in my heart and my beautiful memories soar. I want to gather my thoughts and get out the extra quilts and prepare for the Winter, and all the love and good fun, and get ready to unwrap all the Christmas good feelings that are already held safely and stored, and wrapped in their blanket of love that’s my heart…..and to think, all those amazing good feelings came from a simple trip to the shops!

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‘Till Next Time


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