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Friendship, What’s It All About?

It’s official, there’s actually a ‘Friendship Day,’ a special day in the calendar when we can celebrate our friends and our friendships. I guess that means we’ve been given time to think about those people in our lives who are special to us, the people who we choose to let into our hearts and our lives. Choose, yes, we do.

“Friends are family you chose for yourself,” Jess C Scott

Do we really need a day to think about our friends? Do we need to be given time to celebrate how special they are to us, and to let them know what an impact they have on our lives? I suppose, you could say that the first Sunday in August (for that’s the date of the official Friendship Day) is a celebration day, a day to remember the good that people bring to our lives. Shouldn’t we do that all the time? Shouldn’t we show appreciation for our friends and that good all the time? Do we? Do you?

Kind words, hugs and smiles, time spent in laughter, time spent together, time given to listen, thoughtful advice – aren’t these all appreciative acts, aren’t these what friendship is all about? We practise these all the time, it’s all those little things, put together, that helps our friendships grow, and that keeps them alive, and happy and strong. These are some of the things that carve the pathway of friendship, the elements that become innate facets of our relationships. They are powerful and create loving and caring atmospheres and a beautiful space to grow.  Without them our friendships would wither and die, the people we care about would think we didn’t care, they may feel abandoned, and so might we. As humans beings we all need to feel special, and wanted and cared about, and loved, and so we look for qualities we hold dear in others. We look to create happy, loving and caring interactions, we look to build trust, and we look for reliability in others who we bring close to our side.

I was taught, to choose my friends wisely, I’m sure that there’s a quote about that somewhere, and my parents certainly used it and my grandparents too, it was a formidable mantra. I was taught to be careful who I let in to my life and my heart. Now, I don’t think I always chose too wisely, but that’s another story. What’s important is that I learned to recognise that some friends are meant to be with us a short time and others for much longer, but to cherish all friendships and treat people as I wished to be treated. That was another mantra from my childhood, but it’s a valuable one.

So, friends, come into our lives in many ways, and for many reasons. We have work friends, some of whom may grow into stronger and closer friends, even becoming life=-long fiends, we may have many acquaintances throughout our lives, people we know and smile at, we may have a chat with them in the street or at the supermarket, our neighbours are sometimes our friends, we pop in for coffee and a chat, then there are our BEST Friends, those special people who have touched us on a deeper level, who share our intimate secrets and look out for us, who are loyal and giving. Sometimes we mistake who our best friends when they clearly are not. We grow with people who are by our side in many ways, the friends we had from nursery school, who we share so much with. Ourgirls-470679 successes and sometimes what may feel like failures, we play together and grow together, we share happy moments, memorable moments, but as we grow we change, our circumstances , our personal influences, and our own thoughts and ideas develop and may follow a different pathway of understanding and of commitment and ideals and beliefs. Our friends sometimes move away and distance themselves not in miles, but with emotion. It’s all part of growing and changing and developing, and continues throughout our lives.

Some friendships withstand the distance of miles, and time and space; they are strong and invincible, and cut form the silk of life. They are etched deep within and never wither; they are built on bedrock of love and a connection straight from the heart.

“True friends never apart, maybe in distance but never in heart” – Helen Keller

So, maybe the special day in the calendar is actually a focus of the Consciousness of our friendships and our relationships, a recognition of their importance and their presence in our lives. Its true there are a ‘days’ for everything now, some of them appear amusing and shroud the importance of having special days in our calendar, they are there to create awareness sometimes of plight, but Friendship day, no that’s a good one to have in there, as a time-builder, a time to think more deeply perhaps, but every-day is friendship day and what’s important is that you

“Be the kind of friend that you want to have” –  Kelly Williams Brown

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