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  Where Will I Be  Intro Inforgraphic 12 Whackylg   Look Mummy, Just Like My Heart
NEW – FREE Available Now“Where Will I Be?” – Visualisation stories to help guide and focus your thoughts.

12 Whacky Ways to Help You Smile – FREE

I hope that you enjoy the wonderful ideas and the little activities found in “12 Whacky Ways to Help you Smile,” and that they help you to see all that is good in your life.

NEW FREE Available Now “Look Mummy…Just Like My Heart”Beautiful eBook to share with your children or grandchildren, nurture the love and positivity already present in their heart, help it grow and let them see all the good in their life and our world.

Positive Affirmations

Did you know that Positive affirmations help us to focus our minds and direct our thinking,  over time enabling us to change our perspective and feel happier about ourselves and our lives. Using them daily helps create a sense of belonging, and self-assurance, as you begin to realise just how important and special you are. So try using positive affirmations for at least a month or so, tell yourself that you are loved and open your heart to yourself in acceptance for the wonderful person you are.

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