Woke with a smile today, I felt full of positivity and ready for the wonderful day ahead. I smiled at the sky and then at the thoughts that were fleeting through my mind…I glanced around my room and felt content and so pleased with my beautiful Victorian decor and my heart filled with gratitude as I thought of others not so privileged, those who wake up to the sky above all because they have no roof, let alone one that houses such contentment and is so pleasing on one’s eye. As I made my first drink of the morning and listened to the water beginning to boil I thought again of those who have to walk for miles to fill their bucket and then have to make it last all day, I once again felt a surge of gratitude for my wonderful life. A life that some days I take for granted, especially as I race around each room in a morning getting ready for work, and ushering the children through the door on time for school, not having, or should I say, not finding the time to take in my surroundings and think…and appreciate all that I have. Instead allocating time to bemoan my own existence and thinking there must be more to life than this…Yes, there is, so much more than the rat race, than the speed of modern life where everything is instant, and rushed, and there’s no time to savour the moment. This week is a gift, time at home, to slow the pace, to think and share, to actually taste my coffee and watch the birds fly as I stand and take in the view from my window, time to think about my life and where I want it to go, time to remember what’s important rather than keep running the show. I love times like this, times when I can breathe slowly and count each breath, when I can close my eyes and see where I want to be, when I can really appreciate all that is me. When there’s time to be thankful, from the depths of my heart and enjoy every moment right from its start, to slow down and see all that I have and enjoy…and appreciate how abundant my life really is.

With Thoughts of Love

‘Till Next Time


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