Spent a whole day, and I must say the whole of yesterday evening, really getting to know all I can about Vision Boards. I am so fascinated and quite excited by the prospect of envisioning a new lifestyle…Discovering that Vision Boards and visualisation go hand in hand evoked a resonance and made so much sense.

Weaving in and out of the Web pages opened a whole new thought structure as I encountered so many positive words and shared in the essence of other people’s values, that were so akin to my own. I realised that my life had been consumed with ‘lack statements’ and thought processes that resulted in stagnation rather than a life of love and wonder and abundance that I was in pursuit of. Not long ago I remember saying to a very close friend that I felt as if I’d spent my life trying to fight my way out a paper bag, and that as I grew professionally the bag just seemed to get bigger, I couldn’t seem to climb out of it no matter how hard I tried or how successful I was academically, I never seemed to get anywhere. I think I’d sort of resigned myself to thinking that I wasn’t meant to have more and that I should be happy with my lot and accept that life was always going to be a struggle. Now I’m thinking that I’d already received an answer to help me change that thought structure and that answer came in the form of discovering Vision boards and my innate need to explore and discover more. So a big thank you has to go to Ro Paxman at Life Muses.com who inspired me with her wonderful Power Cards and I am statements which set me on this wonderful journey beset with new ideas and opportunities. I am so thankful and so grateful for finding a new path and more importantly a path that I can share with all those I love and with others in search, too, via my blog.

I even found myself using changed language when I approached my daughter about tidying her room this morning! It has become a bone of contention lately as has her reluctance and obvious ‘lethargy’; so with a smile and a much ‘quieter’ tone I said, Let’s think about getting your room tidied.” She was immediately responsive but said that she didn’t know where to start; first time she’s ever responded without visible signs of ‘dismay.’ I suggested that perhaps if she began by picking up 5 things each time she entered her room today and put them away and also took something downstairs whether that be an article for washing or something for the bin each time she left her room today to imagine how big a differene she would have made by the end of the day, and then she might feel differently and not so overwhelmed. I also told her that I would help her too; but I wanted to plant a seed of independence and offer a different view to the situation.

So already I was pleased with the response and no arguments too, gotta be good! So thank you for the inspiration and finding a new way forward.

Take Care Until Next Time