Sometimes things just happen, life happens, and you find yourself in need of a hug, even if just for encouragement..

I found myself in a similar situation recently, feeling quite exhausted, and although I knew in my heart it wouldn’t last forever, I felt drained, isolated and in need of a hug. Just a little hug, …That heartfelt personal interaction that silently says that everything is Ok. A hug, such an amazing little confidence builder, the show of a kind thought, just for me. Oooh that brought a little block i didn’t know was there, a little niggly voice telling me not to be so daft, and pull myself together! Need to work on that and remember that I deserve to feel loved and cared for just as much as everyone else. Its OK for me to want, and maybe need a hug and a little kindness now and again.

A HUG – Such a simple little act of kindness, a little thing that is SO BIG. We hug when we say hello to someone special, an old friend, our children, our parents and other members of our family, and to show empathy when we can see someone is emotionally suffering. It shows our support, our solidarity. It expresses our kindness, and our loving thoughts, a hug helps us share happiness or offer encouragement in sadness. It is a silent language that when it is shared there is a mutual understanding, we always know exactly what is meant.

A Hug is such a special thing, it is always beneficial, like a little ray of sunshine from one heart to another, a kind gesture to lift your spirits and help you carry on, the knowledge of loving and caring thoughts, so if you’re in need a hug today then this is for you too ♥

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