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12 Whacky Ways to Help You Smile – FREE

I hope that you enjoy the wonderful ideas and the little activities found in “12 Whacky Ways to Help you Smile,” and that they help you to see all that is good in your life.

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Laney discusses – 12 Whacky Ways to Help You Smile

     So this week I’ve been busy creating some brilliant new content in the form of an eBook, full of heart-warming activities to share with you, and I am giving you this e-Book for free because I know how hard it can be to raise a smile when you are feeling low. I wanted to create something that would help to lift your spirits.

     I remember all too well how it feels to be lonely and isolated and feel as if no one cares. I remember how tough life can be when things keep going wrong and there’s no one to rely on but yourself. You see I spent many years caught up in a unhappy toxic marriage and feeling that life had nothing to offer me with only loneliness, heartache and shame as my companions, so I really appreciate how hard it is when you feel that there is no way out and you cannot see anything good around you.

     These little activities are designed to focus your attention on the good things, to help lift your mood. You don’t have to do all of them, just pick out the ones that get your attention.. Some of the ideas are meant to be carried out each day, as they work best when they are repeated regularly. If you do that you should begin to see and feel some changes within yourself. Don’t worry if you miss a day, just pick up again when you can and carry on. I hope that you enjoy these little activities and they help you to see all that is good in your life….because YOU are special and YOU deserve to smile and feel happy.

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