Creative Heart Autumn One Day Workshop

Rekindle Your Creative Side and Be Captivated and Inspired by the Natural Beauty of the Countryside

Immerse Yourself and Embrace the Beauty of Nature and the Colours Around You

Create Space to Celebrate the Magic of your Imagination and the Love in Your Life

Empower Your Heart and Share Your Warmth and Appreciation for Special People in your Life

Treat Yourself to a Memorable Creative Day

Take Away a Beautiful Keepsake Cultivated Through Love and Kindness

Rekindle Your Creativity and Immerse Yourself in the Natural Beauty of the Breathtaking Shropshire Countryside

Join Elaine W Shaw for The Creative Heart Autumn One Day Workshop

Tuesday 22nd Nov 2016 – 10:00am – 4:00pm


Its a Wonderful Day


An enticing aroma of freshly brewed coffee and traditional pots of tea*  welcomes you, as we gather ready for our day of inspired creativity, in the heart of the Shropshire countryside .

Pretty autumnal displays, and a cosy traditional wood burning stove create a cheerful and heart-warming ambiance amidst the backdrop of the exquisite swathing countryside beckoning quietly from beyond the large full length windows and French doors framed with light fabric.

A relaxed and informal atmosphere, just right for our small group, and a large spacious table, for our comfort and ease, takes centre stage in the light and airy converted barn.

The traditional wooden deck is a beautiful addition and offers an idyllic space for a quiet interlude, and for coffee. Sit, and savour the moment, and the glorious breathtaking view. Immerse yourself in the natural colour and beauty around you, and let it inspire your heart and your mind.

Help yourself to fresh coffee and tea as we move through the day, no rush, create at your pace, you are among friends.

So, here you are, tucked away in a beautiful corner of the outstandingly beautiful South Shropshire hills, minutes away from the Stiperstones, and set aside a charming haymeadow and wildflower garden. Venturing a little further you spy the dingle, a quaint wooded dell with its pathway opening up to meet the stream, this is quiet, this is calm, this is your time.


Are you ready for a wonderful feel good day?

You’re a natural at it aren’t you – A natural at giving lots of support to others?

That’s OK, that’s good, it shows just how lovely you are, but did you know that you can give so much more to others when you give to yourself as well, when you take time to refresh, recharge and simply take a rest or a break.

Does your day to day life sometime’s feel a bit of a struggle?

You’ll discover simple ways to change how you think about your day, and your life.

Is it hard to slow down and really unwind?

This is the perfect place to create space and time for you to soak up the beauty and the calming influence of this environment

Do you feel it’s impossible to take time for you?

You are enough you know, you deserve time to refresh and relax, time to think, you deserve to smile and feel good. You are worthy.

Do you sometimes feel exhausted even though you feel as if you haven’t really done anything?

when you don’t give time and love and care to yourself you feel constantly exhausted, during our time together you’ll experience a laid back, good feeling day that is designed to help you feel better about yourself and your life

Although, you love your family deeply, do you feel as if the real YOU has got a little lost somewhere in life?

You play an important role in the lives of others everyday, together we’ll renew your self-confidence

Are you fed up of hearing how bad things are, and deep down feel there’s got to be a better way to feel?

There is, and together we’ll show you that you can feel more confident and grow positivity in your mind and in your life

Have you lost sight of the things that you once loved to do, of how creative you once was?

You’ll rekindle your creative side and see how empowering and happier it feels to give that gift back to yourself

Do you sometimes long to get away form the noise of life, and maybe relax in the countryside?

This is the perfect place to unwind, take time out and enjoy the beauty and calming effects of the countryside

Do you feel like you shouldn’t complain, your life is as it is, and that you should just get on with it, you’re no different than anybody else?

You’re right complaining just brings more of the same, but together we’ll show you how to turn that on its head, and feel better about yourself and your life.

Some Time to Chill and Recapture Good Feelings


Take a moment and imagine, the crisp sound of crunchy autumn leaves and bracken underfoot. Feel the refreshing faint chill of the cool autumn air as it gently kisses your face, and the delicate lacy touch of beautiful colourful fauna along the wooded pathway.

Your toes hugged and nestled in the warmth of your boots as you stroll along chatting happily with new, welcoming and kindly friends, captivated by the faint and mellow sound of the birds in the distance, and the rustling of the leaves tickling the branches as they fall gently and wistfully to the pathway below.

As you take in the view of the hillside, you feel its serenity and calm beckoning you to join its vast yet homely splendour. Your mind gently wanders as you soak up the cool Autumnal bliss of English charm, and exquisitely divine colour, and your heart tells you, “you are home.”

You feel a strong sense of warming comfort as thoughts of home and family whisper from deep within, and beautiful memories pool themselves within your mind in a gentle loving mist.

As you take the pathway back you look forward to the warmth and homely atmosphere of the cosy flames of the log burner, and mugs of steamy hot chocolate, and freshly brewed coffee coupled nicely with homemade cakes and biscuits for afternoon tea.

Something Special – Working With Treasure


Do yo have lots of photos in an old shoe box, maybe they’re stuffed in a drawer, or go on, I bet you even have some in a crumpled old carrier bag! Its OK I do too. I know you love your photographs, I love mine too, they are a window to your family and to your life – they are treasured possessions.

Now,I know we live in the Digital Age, everything’s on the computer or online and I love that – I even have a digital camera myself, and it’s fab, I can do the most amazing things with my photos now BUT, there’s something a bit special about family photographs, the ones in the box, something quite magical really.

You’ve not just captured a wedding or christening scene, or great Aunt Annie, or the kids splashing in the pool.

No, you’ve captured a feeling, a deep feeling filled with emotion, and in that split second as you took that picture, you created a time capsule of a special moment, of a special person in your life at that point in time. Years later you look back and there in front of you, all the photos of an era long gone, of a time that is etched in your heart. Your baby’s smile, the kid’s opening their presents on Christmas morning, all those Halloween outfits for trick or treating,

You know how special your photographs are, actually they are priceless, and if they’re photos you’ve had developed they deserve to be looked after. After all they are treasure, your life in pictures, and your family is your story, so let’s frame your story beautifully, and frame those feelings lovingly and in a very special way.

As you handle each of your photos, memories spill over and recapture your heart. You remember the lost tooth, Mum’s gentle smile and the softness of her hand, your Dad’s hand as he helped from the car on your Wedding Day, how you felt when you said, “I do” , the pride you felt when he won that medal, or received his certificate, the fun you had falling over in the snow, how you laughed!

Those feelings and emotions will guide your hands as you create a beautiful backdrop for each picture, to enhance and encase each photograph with love, your love.

They’ll be your pride and joy as you carefully carry them home eager to show them and display them for all to see.

“Just look at my photos, have you ever seen anything so beautiful?”

I had the most wonderful day with lovely people, so much fun and laughter with new friends. We laughed and we chatted, and we all shared happy memories as we wove love and magic into our creations. We enjoyed the beauty and inspiration of the most glorious countryside, and reveled in the warmth of the log burner after our glorious walk.

It was a beautiful day, an amazing day, a special day full of happy thoughts and cherished memories.


Remember Family is your story, frame it beautifully  –



Is a wonderfully laid back and cosy affair

We’ll  begin with some delicious, tasty, and heart-warming home-made soup and crusty bread – a traditional autumn favourite

Then, enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of a traditional buffet, with the usual trimmings and a selection of assorted sandwiches, and accompanying mouthwatering home-baked cakes and biscuits.

Freshly brewed coffee

Traditional, herbal and fruit teas

Piping hot chocolateanother autumn favourite

Bottled Water, if preferred

The Heartfelt Benefits

Within this beautiful and stunning environment you’ll have time to unwind and enjoy a feel good day, a laid back day, and a day of creativity.

This is YOUR day – A Day for You – A Day where You Matter 

  • A feel good day
  • A laid-back day
  • A day of ease
  • A day to forget the rat-race
  • A day to smile and have fun
  • A day filed with beautiful long breaths
  • A day to remember and appreciate all that is good in your life
  • A day full of opportunities and possibilities
  • A day of friends
  • A day to enjoy the seemingly simple and little things in life, but that are in fact HUGE
  • A day of memories
  • A day to renew and rekindle your creative side

I want to get creative and enjoy a fabulous day in the Shropshire Countryside

What’s Not Included:

  • Travel to and from the venue
  • The photographs you wish to work with ( I suggest you bring several with you, so that as you become inspired and handle all the gorgeous decorative backing papers with their beautiful patterns and exquisite colours you are not limited as to how you can use them)
  • Any accommodation you may wish to book to extend or enhance your stay. – The venue does have a beautiful and very charming cottage that sleeps 2, should you wish to – Please contact me using the form at the bottom of the page for further details. It really is divine!
  • Personal phone calls
  • Personal, travel or cancellation insurance

What’s Included:

I have hired the most wonderful venue, a light filled converted barn set in the heart of the South Shropshire countryside, an area of outstanding natural beauty. The ideal place to create with comfortable ease, and to sit and enjoy the peace and stunning views, and let them inspire your heart and your mind. The perfect spot to enjoy a little interlude after lunch, a wonderful afternoon stroll to immerse ourselves and embrace the colours and beauty of this exquisite environment.

  • Buffet Lunch with delicious Home-made Soup and Crusty Bread
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Freshly Brewed Coffee, throughout the day
  • Traditional Tea, and a selection of Herbal and Fruit Teas, throughout the day
  • Bottled Water, if preferred
  • Assortment of Acid Free Papers, various colours and designs
  • Assorted Cardstock
  • Multitude of Ribbons and Embellishments
You’ll Leave the Workshop

With your beautiful work of art, ready for framing

With a happier, more positive outlook

Having enjoyed time and space to

Having re-kindled your creative side

This Sounds Such an Amazing Day, I'm Definitely Joining You

About Elaine

Elaine W Shaw believes in the love of family and the power of words and thoughts. She believes that by changing how you speak and focusing on positive things around you – YOU CAN begin to change how you view your life and the world around you – YOUR World – and you can do that in light-hearted fun ways.

Elaine loves life and her family, and more importantly now likes herself – Yes, that’s a profound thing to say…and Elaine will tell you that learning to like herself wasn’t an easy journey, not by any stretch of the imagination, but she knew it was the key to her moving forward, and to building a happier life, which was an enormous step for her.

Encouraged by her amazing and most beautiful family and sincere friends, Elaine is passionate to share, and to show that self-love and self-care doesn’t necessarily mean massive changes and upheaval, but rather simple awareness, and the introduction of positive habit-forming small steps.

Elaine knows that as women we often take a back seat, putting everyone else’s needs first. Consequently our needs tend to get lost in everyday life. Having experienced powerful negative experiences in her own life, and through her own journey of self-discovery and changed perspective, developed from adopting an appreciative and positive mind-set, she understands and appreciates the importance for women to see all the good that is in themselves and their lives, and indeed their world. She believes that when you are happy, well-rested and fulfilled you have so much more to give…So everyone benefits, including those we love and share our lives with.

She  cares and understands the impact life can have, over time, and the value of maintaining a feel good and positive attitude and lifestyle. It is that caring that inspires her dedication and which helped formulate her mission – To help and empower women to discover and see all the good, and the beauty in themselves, their hearts, their lives, and their world.

Being heart-centred and caring about her clients is the innate driving force within the design, planning, facilitating and the delivery of all her inspiring and transformational Destination Retreats and Creative Workshops.

Elaine’s love of our world and traveling makes it easy to seek out beautiful locations to ensure that her participants and her clients feel even more special, and her creative and artistic spirit, love of writing, colour, and art and craft allows her to offer inspiring, engaging activities that support good feeling thoughts, positive perspective and practical fun.


What is the Cancellation Policy?

Workshops have a quicker turn around than Retreats, with a slightly shorter payment span. So please check the Cancellation Policy for each event.

It is hoped that you would never have reason to cancel, but accept that on occasion it may be necessary.

  • Cancellations BEFORE One Calendar Month prior to the date of the workshop your place will be refunded (please be aware Pay Pay fees may apply)
  • Cancellation fees within One Calendar Month of the date of the workshop are non-refundable.


What is the Exact location of the Creative Heart Autumn Workshop?

The Workshop will be held at Gleanings, Gravel Bank, Minsterley, Shropshire

Gleanings is a beautiful converted barn set in the courtyard of a wonderful 14 acre award winning farm and wildlife site, and boasts direct views to the haymeadow and wildlife garden, and the beautiful Shropshire hills.

I have planned a wonderful afternoon walk into our day, so that you can enjoy the stunning countryside and revel in the glory of the Autumn colours. So be sure to bring your boots, and a warm coat, and perhaps hat, scarf and gloves if the temperature has dropped by the time we make our way to the Workshop 22nd November 2016.



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