For me the beautiful pages I create are not simply a gathering of nice and pretty elements, attractive papers and a creative scene for my photograph, no, those items, although important, are merely the practicalities. The pages themselves are so much more. They are a combination of thought and emotion and a feast to the senses. My pages convey MY feelings about the people and happenings in my life, to share my appreciation for them and the wonderful place they hold in my heart and in my life. Each page is multifaceted, and holds a profound endearing message, and usually acknowledges the wonderful character traits of those depicted in the photograph. It is a beautiful expression of love that develops and evolves giving life to my thoughts and capturing my emotions and my memories in delightful, charming, and elegant ways. My inner feelings become an emotionally tangible piece of art, a keepsake that can build confidence, grow self-esteem and create feelings of self-worth and show deep affection. They become a ‘gift’ in every sense of the word.

  • Contemplating the effects of a photograph and the emotional vigour you feel molds the beginning of your creativity.
  • Your thoughts and feelings will guide the effect you wish to create, whether its a cute page, or a fun page, or will be of a more serious style.
  • You may find that words tumble into your mind, as they do so jot them down, they can be used for journaling tags later on, and you may use them to form a theme.
  • You my be inspired by a quote that you remember or the colours you like, just go with the flow and you will create a beautiful page. Rip and tear handwritten words and appreciative notes and tuck them behind little complimentary embellishments, or across parts of your page.
  • And most important don’t forget to have fun….

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