I woke up early this morning; no, I mean really early this morning, crack of dawn early, still pitch black early. Not really sure why, but I felt like it should have been morning and my mind was racing towards overload. I guess I had more on my mind than I realised, so I got up and made a brew, which felt and tasted so good; so much better than if it were 7 am and rushing to get ready for work! Then found myself reflecting and thinking.

The house was quiet, but I loved how it felt; as if it was filled with the essence of time. I listened to a meditation recording for a while and felt myself remembering and that I can feel how I choose to feel, and that I have the power to feel happy in every moment, in every circumstance. I thought about all the things that I love and found myself lingering in appreciative moments of everyday things and the beauty of my world in my mind’s eye. Then I realised, I am back to perspective once again, and the power of MY perspective – I can choose how I want to see and show up in the world. I can choose to see every flaw or I can choose to see all the beauty around me. I can choose to focus on negative happenings and events or I can choose to focus on all the good I know is around me, and I don’t have to look far or think very hard to do so. For example, I can think about the smiles on children’s faces and their laughter too, I can see children playing in my mind, running, skipping even dancing. I can think about the beautiful stars shining and twinkling in the night sky, I can let my mind wander to far off places that make my heart light up, such as the thought of wandering through the meandering streets of Florence and Rome, or of quietly sauntering along the sand as I listen to the gentle ebbing of the water as it kisses the shoreline, or even the romance of dinner on a New York rooftop terrace as I gaze over the bustling city below and cast my eyes over the skyline around me, or feel the refreshing spray of Niagara Falls as me and my family view in awe the intensity and natural beauty of the water, or I can even picture the beautiful simplicity of arranging my favourite flowers in a vase or jug in my kitchen and feel how wonderfully happy that would make me feel, especially if someone I love had given them to me or they were from my garden and I had grown them myself. I know I can conjure any happy or contented thought or vision in my mind and feel amazing for as long as I decide.

My perspective can also change my emotion as I go through my day. I can choose to feel burdened or even miserable with chores or the mundane aspects of some tasks or I can choose to feel appreciative for the outcomes I experience, such as the comfort I feel in the pleasant environment I create when I clean or dust, I can feel grateful for the finances I receive for my work and feel grateful and appreciative for all the wonderful people and friends that my work brings into my life, for the happy moments we often share throughout the day, for the chatter and fun we sometimes share. I can feel appreciative and grateful that I live in a place that has clean running water when I turn on the tap and good roads and transport to help me go where I want to go, I can even fly to another country if I want to! So I can choose to feel good that I live in a time and a place of such ease; ease of movement and travel, ease of housework and chores, ease of contact and new learning. A time with such great technologies that have moved so fast  that I can instantly speak to someone on the other side of the world, I can learn new things or find answers or simply provoke my thoughts as I sit with my coffee at my kitchen table or search for holidays and choose the ease of buying even little things like light bulbs or my food shopping without having to fight my way to the till in a busy shop or go out in bad weather of I don’t want to. I live in a time and place of ease and movement and communication that my grandparents could never have imagined and I can choose to ignore and dismiss how amazing that is or I can choose to feel good and appreciative that I am experiencing that everyday of my life.

Knowing that I can choose my thoughts and decide my perspective fills me with a sense of both awe and empowerment and I love this part of me.

Would love to hear your thoughts and ideas about positive thinking.

Until Next Time


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©Elaine W Shaw 2015