I love colour, I love to work with colour, and when you think about it colour is everywhere –

We see colour in the natural world; the sky, the landscape, the hills and countryside, the sea and the shoreline, the beach, the myriad of beautiful animals that endow our earth, butterflies and birds and so many others. We embrace and use colour in our homes, we love our decor, our food looks more appetising and delicious when we place colourful items pleasingly on our plates and in our serving bowls, it has even been said that we eat with our eyes. Colour enhances our clothing and helps us make choices that lift our mood and uplift our spirits. Colour effectively is a part of us, an extension of our personality, an expression of who we are.

Colour Thoughts

Colours affect us in many ways, and are linked to our thoughts and our memories.

Just like words can be associated with memories and feelings, so can colour …

Think about it:

  • Colour is actively used to influence thoughts and moods in hospitals, prisons, and schools
  • We use colour in our homes to create pleasing, comfortable and relaxing environments – We may focus on shades as well as specific colours eg. We may choose Earthy tones, Warm or Cooler tones, Vibrant or Calm colours and shades
  • We may associate colours with gender, or children
  • We may have negative thoughts about some colours, these may be our own or could be inherited, e.g. if Great Grandma or our Great Aunt Sarah made it clear in our presence that only what they regarded as ‘loose’ women wore red – We may have a subconscious resistance to wearing red, we may feel uncomfortable wearing it, even when we really like the garment
  • We may have a propensity to think that we only wear black to funerals, or feel that it is a depressing or a negative colour

How are you affected by colour? What thoughts, ideas, and feelings do specific colours conjure up for you? What colours would you choose to create ambience in your home, or to dress powerfully, romantically, casually, formally, for work, to visit your child’s school, go to the theatre, go out to dinner?

Give it some thought – Look around your home, examine your wardrobe, examine your thoughts about shopping for new clothes, paint, fabrics and other items–

Use Colour to Inspire and Uplift Your Heart and Your Life

Feel drawn to the beautiful colour of blue – Try this when you have a few moments to spare, or you are in need of a feel good moment.  Look to the skies to see and feel the vast expanse of blue and its myriad of shades, some interspersed with the glorious white of the clouds. Focus gently as the world moves silently and let the swathes of blue caress your heart and uplift your mood. Feel yourself smile from the depths within as you immerse yourself in the beautiful contrast of colour forms and and the softness as the colour blends to harmonise with the landscape. Close your eyes and think of the vast blue of the oceans and so too, its countless beautiful shades and tonal features as the blues ripple and move in harmony as the water recolours and blends in its vast expanse and show of greatness. See and feel how its movements harmonise with its sounds and foam of creams, and ivories and  whites, all gently working together to harmonise and regenerate.

Love your world, love the colours of your world, they surround you every moment of every day, let them uplift your heart, and your spirits, and your life. Let the beauty of this world enhance your life moment to moment – hour to hour – day to day – week to week – month to month – season to season – year to year. Marry your thoughts with the beautiful colours of this world, use your thoughts to enhance your life and cultivate good feelings.

Anytime you need to feel better about yourself and your life, focus on recolouring your life in beautiful ways, immerse yourself in the world’s natural beauty – Beauty and colour are everywhere, when you bother to look.

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