” and all at once Summer collapsed into Fall,” Oscar Wilde


Loved the cheery chinks of blue, and the occasional peeks of sunlight peeping through the clouds today, as the weather of late, certainly seems to have Summer floating away and leaving the path clear for Autumn to emerge in all its beauty.

Thinking about the Summer – Did you chase sun, sea and sand, this year, longing for turquoise seas and white bleached, or golden sandy beaches… Well, if you’re adventurous, you might want to look and explore the amazing plethora of colours of some of the world’s beautiful sandy beaches, from red and orange, green and purple and even chocolate brown, and of course volcanic black. Our natural world is so amazingly beautiful, I am always in awe, and it constantly feeds my love of colour.

My favourite is the pink beach; which looks divine, it’s so beautifully alluring, and one that’s been on my list for a while – What do you think, could you see yourself on a beautiful coloured beach? Maybe you’ve already explored one, I’d love to hear, tell us in the comments.

Colourful Beaches - Pink Beach

Colourful Beaches – Pink Beach

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