I opened my eyes this morning and just knew that it was going to be a beautiful and wonderful day, filled with happiness and joy and unexpected and expected gifts. Now the fact that it was my birthday led me to believe that I would experience some lovely moments and of course I had expectations that I would receive beautiful greetings from my children and my family and from special friends, but my thoughts of wonder, happiness and beauty extended way beyond that.

My awareness is such now that I know I will have ‘sunshine’ and love in my life because that is what I focus on more than I have ever done before. I see a blue or indeed a cloudy sky and I am thankful and excited for the day ahead, I am grateful for all the beauty in my life and for all the happiness I experience, I am grateful for the wonderful feelings I experience each day; the love I feel when I see my grandchildren and my children, the love and joy I feel when I remember happy times that we have spent together laughing and enjoying life and experiences. I am grateful when I hear Dad’s voice telling me he loves me, I am grateful for the memories of my Mother’s beautiful smile and the touch of her hand, I am grateful for knowing and feeling that every loving moment and every sound of laughter and every smile I experience and encounter every day is the ‘sunshine’ in my life and a connection to the love held deep within my heart. I am grateful that the list of’ things’ and feelings that are the ‘sunshine’ in my life is an endless list and a list that is consistently growing and evolving every moment of every day.

What is the ‘sunshine in your life?

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