Calm….Just think about that for a minute or two. What thoughts come to mind?

For me, it’s thoughts of a beautiful ocean lay before me like a magnificent jewelled blue carpet. As the light catches glimpses of the ivory tones of the swell it glistens and sparkles like little daylight stars. The air feels cool and slightly breezy, with an essence of loving warmth that feels gently nurturing as it kisses my face, and my hair moves silently as if shaking its hand with a loving embrace.

My heart embraces the calm and beauty before me and whispers of love swirl magically to soothe my mind. As I breathe deeply and quietly, the beautiful blue water and it’s ivory tones ebb through my mind with a loving gentleness that dissolves my doubts, and my fears that have lay inhibiting my mind. The restless noise and disarray that once lived as if a part of me transforms into beautiful colourful rainbows that wave goodbye as they dissolve with beauty and become one with the glistening ocean of calming waters.

I feel a beautiful calm, a sense of peace, and ready to meet my beautiful new day.

What about you? Your mind is a beautiful gift, as is your imagination, it is an innate powerful tool that can help you create new feelings, new focus and a new life….If You Choose

Its amazing how one word can be so profound, an affirming positive tool to enhance your life.

Sending You Love ‘Till Next Time

Elaine ♥


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