Strange how we often feel the need to take ‘stock’ of our lives, especially when we begin to feel that we don’t have full control, or when we suddenly notice that life is filled with uncomfortable things – the things that we find ourselves noticing and would prefer not to have to deal with. Like when you realise its time for a change and time to eliminate something negative that has invaded your space. Often you deflect the feelings and lack acceptance that you have invited such negativity into your life at an emotional, subconscious or cellular level but somewhere deep down the invite languishes attracting the opposite to what you really want to see or experience. When this occurs I find myself thinking of all my blessings, in a sense I am drawn to examining all the good in my life, all the experiences I love and the special people who live in my heart. I am reminded of all that is special about my life, of all that I have achieved in many ways from the time when I first became a mother and the joy of my grandchildren. The memories of realising a goal, the wonderful smell of Mum’s cooking as I opened the front door after school, or the knowing smile on my grandmother’s face when I was upset. Along with all the memories and thoughts of good things comes a deep sense of gratitude, not a simple, “Ahh thanks,” but a deep sense of thanks that lights up my heart and brings more thoughts of the little things that mean so much. Thankful thoughts for time to cook and share laughter with my children after a hard day, thankful thoughts for time to relax on my sofa and watch a film with my family, thankful thoughts of how blessed I am to have a beautiful home and warmth and lights, thankful thoughts for kindness and generosity that I both feel and receive form one moment to the next.

Sending Love


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