Balance – Something we all pursue, at least in words, but does it elude you?

  • Work/Life Balance – How does that look?
  • Good Food/Junk Food Balance – Happy with Yours?
  • Do you find the time to cook, or just take out?
  • Time for friends, housework, yourself…Time to relax, read to or with the kids… How balanced is your life?

Tell yourself you are going to make time to sit quiet with a coffee, or to cook at least 3/4 times a week. Tell yourself that you are going to give 15 minutes to the children’s reading each evening and that you are going to make it a Kid/Mum Date! Tell yourself that you are going to leave work half an hour early…..

Set an intention to do what you need to to create a better balance. Say it aloud and mark it on your calendar. ALLOW yourself to do this and ALLOW yourself to feel good about it.

Sometimes we get in our own way of making things better and carving a better path that will ultimately help us take better care for ourselves. You know deep down if you need to focus on changing anything in your life that is imbalanced….It will be at the back of your mind, and your awareness to it will be raised every time you ignore it. For you it may be when stay later than you intended at work, or tell yourself there isn’t enough time, or think you’ve got to give more to get it stay ahead. So, set an intention to find more balance, change just one thing about your day or your week. Do just one thing differently with the intention of finding more balance, or giving the time you need to….your chosen activity, including time for you, time for those you love, or even just time to sit quiet.

The time you seek, the balance you want to create is already there, you just have to recognise its presence, acknowledge your importance, and decide that you deserve a balanced life. It’s really all about perspective.

So, What change are you going to make to bring more balance into your day, your week, your LIFE?

Sending You Love ‘Till Next tme

Elaine ♥

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