Feeling Thankful

For me abundance is everything I am thankful for; all my blessings:


smiles on my children’s faces

hugs from my grand children

the warmth of the sun on my face

raindrops on the window that remind me of A A Milne and my chidlhood

my friend’s shoulder

coming home

the robin who visits my garden

the smell of fresh coffee and freshly baked bread

memories of holding my babies for the first time

the beautiful smell of fressia

memories of being amongst the clouds on Mount Teide

my beautiful Victorian home

being healthy

my ability to pay the bills

all my strengths and the challenges that helped me become who I am today, and who I will become tomorrow


What makes you happy?   What gives you joy?   What makes you smile?


Then there are the abundance buds


… all my  wishes… all my dreams …  all my hopes for the future…. the things that I want to change


For me abundance buds lead to self growth and confidence, they patiently wait to reveal their beauty, such as, new opportunities and important new relationships.

Abundance Buds are all the things that find their way onto my ‘Vision Boards.’


positive affirmations – I AM….

images that reflect:

a new direction – new job or promotion

a transformation – slimmer, slender me or new wardrobe, new life-style, home make-over

new abilities – studying, academic achievement or attainment, learning to drive or play the piano

furture plans – family holiday, relocation, nest egg, opening a business


… do you have wishes… do you have dreams …  do you have hopes for the future…. do you want something to change


What will help YOU grow?  What are YOU hoping for?

What do YOU want?

Share your thoughts using the comments box …. You never know your comment may just help feel better about themselves, or see their life from a new perspective, or even find the confidence to make a change that moves them forward

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