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When I first created my Blog I had a very different mindset…My family was always the most important element of my life, but I realise now that I  had a scarcity mindset, a lack mentality, and consequently my life had been focused on never having enough, and having to work more than hard to maintain a living, and that my thoughts had continued to perpetuate the same circumstance over and over again. Then as I began using Vision Boards and focused on what I wanted my life to look like, the importance of finding a good work life balance for me and my family become more prevalent than ever before. My thoughts then turned to my debilitating conscious  fears of a depressing economic climate and seeking to forge a secure Family Time Alfiefinancial path for my family’s future, and realising that in that debilitating quest, time for enjoyment and relaxation had got lost and had dissipated into the ether, work had come home every night and plans had got put on hold…So family time once again became high on the agenda in our house…as did work on myself, inner work to eliminate self doubt, mediocrity and scarcity, in other words rid myself of the negativity and develop a new me, the real me, a happy and fulfilled and positive me.

I thought long and hard about my life and remembering the sadness and desperation of my toxic and abusive first marriage and feeling the need to revisit that from a personal healing sense within, and I also thought about my life when my children were small and I was a stay at home Mum, I loved cooking and baking with them, going for walks and collecting autumn leaves, sitting in the garden enjoying the sun on my face as I watched them play; it all seems such a long time ago…These are the times I miss, the little moments that become cherished treasures of time, embedded in my mind and in our family’s history. We were totally skint but I prided myself on the love and joy my children and I had for each other…My children were and still are my life…So I decided it was time to break free of the shackles and reinvigorate family moments, but of course initially my thoughts moved towards ‘cost’ of spending time together, family outings can be expensive, then I realised, there was my lack mentality kicking in again, when in actual fact I was really thinking about the natural treasured efforts of everyday life…the times that have fell by the wayside in our quest to pay the bills.

So as you peruse through my Blog I hope that you will capture an essence of the importance of family as well as importance of self. I want to build some wonderful pages full of ideas for family time that focus on sharing and caring and simply spending time together. It was this focus that initially helped me to move forward and develop a sense of direction.

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