The Art of Appreciation

We feel good when someone compliments us, and recognises our work and our achievements. Sharing our appreciation for those we love and care about; our children, our family and friends, and other people we share our lives with, such as our colleagues, our neighbours, and even acquaintances is reciprocal. It raises the self-esteem of the receiver, they feel liked and significant, loved and cared for, and we, as the giver, feel good. In effect, our appreciation for others is a gift to others and to to ourselves.

Appreciating all the people in our lives and the things we like and love; our home and gardens, our environment, our work, nature, music, and caring for ourselves with good food, exercise and taking time to relax and enjoy life, are some of the many ways we show and share our appreciation and our gratitude for the things that make life special… But what about the small things…A smile, the sound of laughter, a sunny day, music, beautiful colours, or even a simple “HELLO.” Life is full of good things to appreciate and to feel grateful for.

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