Sharing appreciation with those we love and care about is an act of love, for ourselves as well as for others. When we give we are also giving to ourselves, and there are so many ways we can actually do that.

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When we spend time focusing our thoughts and attention on someone, or something special in our lives, we are focusing on the good in our lives, and the love and appreciation that we hold in our hearts for those that we love and for the beauty around us.

As we draw on happy memories, and profound moments, we open our hearts and share our treasure; the treasure that is love, that is appreciation and that is gratitude.

It’s amazing to think that a simple, “Thank You” can act as a catalyst of love, and self-care, and personal growth, and can be a building block to confidence and self-worth. Its value is treasure, its reach is limitless, and its power is dynamic and far-reaching. Imagine then the strength of, “I love you,” an expression of appreciation and gratitude so deep and unwavering, a true gift from one heart to another heart, from one soul to another soul.

Recognising the power of words was a facet of my mind for as long as I can remember, and whilst I was growing, that power, that presence, that to me felt so physical, that scared me so much, continued to grow and it also became one of my biggest challenges.

I realised the strength of words and their power to both cut into your heart, and to open it with a happy and magical feel. The power of words, like love itself, is so immense it can heal deep wounds from within, and even help you re-carve your thinking.

Words can change your perception and create a whole new perspective, a new window with which to see the world in a new way, a fascinating way, a loving way, a beautiful way, a kind way, a thoughtful way, a way that we can choose.

Words can change your perception and create a whole new perspective, a new window with which to see the world Click To Tweet

I noticed how words made me feel, not only when I used them, but when I received them too. They could be both a gift and weapon, they could be useful, or frivolous, kind or hurtful, they could invoke feeling of happiness and feelings of sadness, they could be friend or foe, and they lived inside me, they were me, they opened my eyes to my world, and they also shared me with the world!

I couldn’t not use them. I couldn’t not experience them. I couldn’t not see them and feel them. I actually loved them. I wanted to nurture them and for them to nurture me. I wanted to see, and feel, and experience the good of them, and experience them I did. Like avalanches of snowflakes they poured into my life. Sometimes with vigour and sometimes more calm. Sometimes with love attached and sometimes not so, but poured in they did, like an orchestra with the musical notes of love and light and beautiful well-being. The playful notes of charm and cheerfulness, and childlike fun, but so too with the notes of darkness and despair. Lonely notes and helpless notes. The notes of celebration and success, achievement and failure, loss and renewal, all the notes of life, MY LIFE. There was no escaping them, the good feelings and their contrast, the highs and the lows, life was moulding me. I was moulding me. Words were my pathway, the junctions and the roads, both the well-trodden paths and the unseen roads ahead.

Words and my creative spirit became allies, and friends and also my teachers. A cohesive aura that dwelt within, tucked in a space that felt good and free. I loved to give and feel good, I loved to share the power that I felt from my words deep within. I loved to focus and see all the beauty around me, especially when things on the outside felt different to what I had dreamed that my life really would be.

During times when I felt less powerful outside, and entombed in a life that didn’t feel like it should belong to me. When confusion appeared like a disruptive child. I found solace in the contrast of my hearts words within. That inner sanctuary grew stronger and stronger and became a woodland, a meadow, a river and a sea; beautiful thoughts and feelings to grow and nurture the best of the inner me. Words invoked by my feelings and experiences, like the strength of volcanoes and earthquakes galore, their heat and apparent earth shattering core, that raged in glory and ran its path, alongside my sanctuary and right up to its door.

I learned to see that the mages in my mind that grew from my heart, and in the contrasting words, their fears, and indeed their strife were an innate facet of the contrast of me…I made peace and accepted that they could live side by side and I could use them with kindness to grow and set myself free. Without both power houses of words, their contrast and difference, and their accompanying emotions and feelings my life would lack a true balance, and compassion and empathy. I loved in essence that from hurt and from pain that I had already endured, that I could grow a love that wanted to burst out and share, and help others to feel so much better than I had when I first met life’s tempest, that tempest labelled as mine.

I smiled at my memories as they drifted along, like an old Penny-Farthing slowly sauntering through the tree lined pathways of my loving and idyllic mind. I thanked the lava that seemingly poured through my veins and enveloped my thoughts with vivid colour and rage, and then calmed and tempered as it met the sea of change that filtered and opened the gate to my meadow, and to the quiet woodland that lay beside. I could now choose my pathway and use words as my loving guide.

Creativity helped me open a world of focused thought that I have loved and nurtured, and grown from within. Its endless possibilities dependent only on my memories and my mood. A time to cherish and share my thoughts, for special people, for friends and for those that I love, and for things that I treasure, and appreciate and for, well, so much more. For special moments to cherish and that have enhanced my life, including moments that have helped me become who I am. So with each memory so clear and locked in my heart, I can create a beautiful expression of love – With colourful, artful, and striking papers, and textures and embellishments that echo and flow like the orchestra playing across the page. I can create a gift from my heart, finished off with words to express how I felt back then, and how I still feel now. My words, my feelings, my thoughts, my emotions –  My appreciation shared with love in a thoughtful, caring, creative way.

Sending You Love ‘Till Next Time

Elaine ♥

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