Mother’s Day is always a special day, a time for families and for sharing love and appreciation. This year was a little different for our family as it was the first Mother’s Day without Mum. Strange but I found myself really reflecting on something that I suppose picture2framedwith-watermarkone takes for granted. Last year we all flocked to Mum’s bedside, in the old people’s home, with flowers and cards, and of course there was lots of hugs and kisses and thanks yous, but I wondered how last year would have actually been had we known that a month or so later Mum would be gone…That we would never have another Mother’s Day with her, to tell how much she really meant to us all. Would it have been different? Would we have done things differently? Would our words have meant more, or would we have chosen different words, or expressed ourselves differently?

I also thought about times when we’d laughed and also of times when we argued and then I found myself contemplating and searching within and asking myself if she knew just how loved she was and had always been. For that love is still with us all, deep in our hearts, in fact I think it has become more prevalent and that is why I think I was reflecting on whether Mum knew how much everyone loved and appreciated her, how dear to us all she actually was.

Such questions, of course come from a soul left behind in this material world and within an earthly body where the ego prevails and we often carry guilt and regret…

So I wanted to acknowledge my appreciation and indeed my gratitude for the love I consistently receive from my children, my grandchildren and from all our family throughout our day to day lives. The love that nurtures our family unit, nurtures our relationships with each other as well as ourselves, that brings with it an abundance of happiness and joy, not always openly recognised but nevertheless it is there, forming part of our family make up and a caring living entity that sustains us all and helps us grow.

Sending Love, Until next time,


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