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How’s your life?

“OK”, you say  –

Well let’s change that mood and that perspective so that you begin to think that your life is amazing, that your life is wonderful – Let’s help you to smile inside and out every day – and see how amazing our world is and how brilliant your life actually is, right now!

Just by changing how you speak and focusing on positive things around you – YOU CAN begin to change how you view your life and the world around you – YOUR World – and you can do that in light-hearted fun ways –

I know you think that’s not possible, right?

Carry on reading and you’ll see why I know it is more than possible.


Learn all about Laney and what inspired her to create 
The Abundant Blossom

Why The Abundant Blossom?

Well, I haven’t always looked at life in a positive way, there was a time when I was carried along on a tidal wave of destruction and felt like life was one big mistake and that I had nothing of any value to give anyone or anything. I continued with that negative and dis-empowering perspective for quite some time after the break-down of my first marriage and my subsequent messy and destructive divorce. The sad part is, that I was not unique in experiencing and living with negativity, such thoughts and effects are not uncommon in abusive and toxic relationships and I had lived a life filled with hurt, desperation and loneliness for such a long time that it had become a forceful habit. Of course, I didn’t realise that then, I just accepted that was my life and I’d better get on with it. I felt that I must have deserved the pain and that I was not worthy of anything better. Even after my divorce and my remarriage to my present husband there was still so many negative patterns to break free of, and every time something upsetting happened I once again fell into the pattern of blaming myself and experiencing negative thoughts of unworthiness that re-affirmed my feelings of ‘undeserving’ and self-doubt This was very prevalent when I experienced two miscarriages one after the other within a year. Now, I know differently, and I love my life and my family, and more importantly I now like myself – Learning to like myself wasn’t an easy journey, not by any stretch of the imagination, but I knew it was the key to my moving forward, and to building a happy life, which was an enormous step for me.I then focused on some of the things I longed to achieve such as building a ‘career’ and gaining my degree. As the years ticked along I achieved so much academically, but still something was missing, then I stumbled on vision boards, and creatively they resonated and I began thinking more carefully about my life and where it was headed. What a revelation, I didn’t know – I only knew that potentially I had lots to give and I was on the wrong path.

So you may ask yourself – Why is Laney sharing this part of herself?

Well, the answer is quite simple really; I want to share my message of the power of positivity, gratitude and appreciation with as many others as I am able, who may be walking a similar path, or trying to pick themselves up and move forward with their lives. I believe that building your innate gift of seeing all that is good in your life and in our world and developing a positive perspective is one the keys to happiness and an abundant life, and I want to help you to achieve that, and If I can achieve that so can you.

In the year before my Mother’s death I began working with positive affirmations and began keeping a gratitude journal, and my life began to turn around profoundly. Although my mother had been ill for most of her adult life, and certainly for practically all of mine, as she neared what would be the time of her passing I had developed an interest in vision boards. I found them absolutely fascinating and a fun past-time, creative outlets are a passion of mine, but vision boards really resonated with me and I began thinking carefully about my life and where it was headed. What a revelation, I didn’t know – I only knew that I had lots to give and I was on the wrong path. My vision boards then led me, as a natural progression, to using positive affirmations. It was then that I began to notice changes in my life, nothing very dramatic and often quite subtle, but the most prevalent thing initially, was the change I noticed in myself. I began to think differently, I began developing a new perspective. I felt calmer, less harassed with everyday life, I noticed changes in people’s attitudes around me, they became more caring. The atmosphere at home became more harmonious, more loving, my husband and I grew more tolerant of each other than we had in a long time. People around me were more respectful and kind. My workload began to feel a little easier, even though the amount of work remained unchanged. I noticed other people more and the beauty of nature, I became more aware. I felt a sense of inner gratitude and began gratitude journalling.

Then Mum took a turn for the worse and over several months deteriorated day by day. Home life got put on the back burner and I moved to my parents house, with my sister, as Dad didn’t feel able to cope alone. Times were emotionally tough for everybody, but I maintained my positive affirmation practice and I grew close to my mother in a way I’d never experienced before, even though she hadn’t known who I was for over a year. I am forever grateful for that time I spent with Mum, for although it was a time of great sadness and upheaval, it was also a time of great strength. Positive affirmations were the pinnacle of my inner voice, and as a consequence my inner strength, yes I’d always been strong, but they were my friend, a shoulder to lean on and they still are and I remain forever grateful for their help and guidance throughout my life. So that was the start, the beginning of my empowerment and my determination to carve out a better life, or more importantly a better feeling life for myself.

That’s why I want to share all of these thoughts and ideas, so that you can explore all the possibilities for yourself and so The Abundant Blossom was born…

So, if you want to feel happy when you wake up rather feeling drudgery and want to feel good about yourself and your surroundings then keep visiting The Abundant Blossom  because it is for you.

With Love


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  1. Dennis Cardiff

    Vision Boards is a great idea. ~ Dennis

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