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I’m Elaine

A woman filled with a love of lifeand a love of travel….a love of colourand a love of the beauty of our world a love of books and of words… and a love of writing… a love of smiles and laughter, and happy thoughts… a love of dreams and wishes… a love of friends and friendship… and a love of all the good things in life… a love of positivity… and a love of creativity… a love of history … and a great love of family… and …. I’m



Loving Enjoying Life!

I’d reached a dreaded milestone – It came around even though I didn’t want it too – Suddenly, it was on my doorstep, knocking loudly to come in, and I felt the deep resistance to not answer its call. I wasn’t that number, I felt nothing whatever like that number.
Then I realised… Yes, I was part of another statistic, but did that have to mean the end of something? No, not at all… In fact, It was the beginning of something – Yes, I was part of a statistic, including being a “Baby Boomer,” who’d grown with a new view to age – Age being relative, and all that, and more importantly, truly believing it; I was the epitome of that thought – I had so many talents, abilities and skills, some innate, and some amassed over the years, all boxed up in the beautiful drawers of my heart and my mind.

(Bet yours are too… Just close your eyes, and imagine opening the most beautifully carved and inlaid chest of wooden drawers, and as you open them, inside wrapped in exquisite tissue, some tied with gold and silver cord, are masses and masses of beautiful papers, special tools, and memories, all relating to your wonderful life, all your abilities, talents and skills held carefully and lovingly, in a special place called your heart and ready, waiting for your call to re-connect with your mind)

It would have been easy to ask, “Well, was that it, am I done?”

Instead I said, “What now? How can I reconnect, make life exciting and adventurous, share what I know, and what I love?

It was time for My Revolution to Loving My Life, and with those thoughts, My life had just taken an exciting turn …


Is a Great Big Canvas, and you should throw all the paint you can at it…”

                                                                                      Danny Kaye

I had reinvented myself many times before, like most women who stay home to look after the children and then re-embark on a career when they go to school, but this time the world felt like my oyster – and it felt right to invest in myself, and in my dreams and time to share my knowledge and passions.

Empowering Women who may be experiencing self-doubt as they approach or go through Middle-Age, if that is still a term, is a passion for me. Back in my late twenties and early thirties I was empowering young women, as a Women’s Worker, and now as a woman who has wrestled with all sorts of ideas and notions about new eras in her life, I am driven to empower other women to know that they can still go out and still be anything they want to be, and not be caught up in old-age-old-fashioned thinking. 
Age is irrelevant; especially at this point in human history. Never before have women had so many opportunities and so much going for them. We can still look, and more importantly feel amazing, feel good as our hair and body changes, and accept changes with a positive outlook, knowing that we are still as beautiful as ever, and that we are women with a whole new life ahead of us. We can know that as we move forward, we do so with a new wisdom, a wisdom that we have nurtured and grown innately over the years, so innately that we probably didn’t even realise we were doing so!
We can have a new vision for ourselves – life is amazing, if we want it to be.  We are not finished in the workplace, nor do we need to settle for a life of retirement filled with complacency. No we are a new breed of older women, we were Baby Boomers, and now if we choose to, we can rock the world with our positive and caring outlooks.  WE CAN CHOOSE HOW WE WANT OUR LIFE TO BE…

Going on holiday is a firm favourite of mine, soaking up the beauty of exquisite vistas, beautiful countryside, and amazing shorelines feels like Heaven on Earth. To me, holidays and travel are two very different things, one for relaxing, and the other conjures up thoughts of a faster pace, exploration and the excitement of discovery; and I love to explore, especially historic places which feeds my insatiable love of history. I also love to read, and can often get lost in the timeless ambiance presented within the classics. If you were to sift through my desk and the layers of papers you would no doubt come across note after note of my scribbled thoughts, and a myriad of beautiful words that fell into mind at any given moment, as I gazed and observed, or simply thought and felt. Words that I might one day string together as I focus on the memory. I adore words and I love to write, even if the scribble is the never touched again.

Now, I combine  – and put together beautiful literary walks that discover and follow the everyday historic steps of my favourite authors, along the streets that they once walked, and places where they may have felt inspired.  What began as a wonderful heart centred way of documenting the discoveries of my ancestors lives, as I researched my family history, bringing my work to life in an amazing way,  now provides a beautiful foundation for my Literary and Writing Workshops and Retreats. 


Writing for me wasn’t necessarily about whether it was any ‘good’ or not, but was an emotional outlet. For as long as I can remember, I used my writing to heal myself, to go within, challenge negative thoughts, and to offer myself changes in perspective, and to focus on cultivating and growing a more positive outlook. It was my love of writing, and the love of my family that prompted me to write my first book, after the sad passing of my Mother.  Helping to focus the raw feelings of grief, guiding them with positivity and love, and providing insight for others who may be challenged by the pain of a long illness, or the death of a loved one.

Growing older has brought many changes into my life, including changes in my body and changes of perspective. Writing as always is an outlet for internal debate, helping me to focus my thoughts and find positives to grow. You may find my Blog post “How I Changed My Feelings About My Body,” interesting. I have also found that make up looks and feels different, as does my hair, not only its colour but its texture too, and as a consequence I am always exploring new products, and new techniques with make-up, as feeling good in my body remains important to me and my confidence, and I am excited and looking forward to sharing my my thoughts with you in the near future. so be sure to look out for that; you may even like to join in and share your thoughts too. Self-Love and Self-Care feature solidly throughout my blog and my website, so important for all women regardless of age, and not always an easy path to follow. As women, we don’t always pay attention to our needs, or recognise our value and our worth. For many years I didn’t treat myself well, or with respect. Learning to love myself, and care for myself in truly heartfelt ways has helped me gain a new perspective of myself and my life, and my world. Sharing my journey and experience has grown into wonderful self-love and self care programs, workshops and retreats.

Nurturing a positive outlook and always looking for the good, is an important and conscious choice. A choice cultivated and grown from a myriad of heartfelt emotions and experiences that have sometimes rocked my world and my life and the lives of those around me, as well as sometimes enhancing it.  Choosing how I want to feel, and focusing on the things that I love and that I like, is a conscious course which I nurture, and which helps me maintain a positive attitude, have many reasons to smile, and see lots to appreciate.


I know all these positive things about myself now, but like many of you my life has been a roller coaster of emotion, and I haven’t always known who I was, where I was going, or indeed where I wanted to go.


I’ve experienced times of elation and life’s felt amazing, and I’ve also had times of deep despair and sorrow
Like others, I’ve experienced feelings of pride and disappointment
I’ve felt loved and also experienced betrayal
I’ve reveled in happiness and been knocked down by grief and sadness
On occasion I’ve felt popular, and also experienced loneliness and isolation
I’ve been grateful for success and dismayed at failure
I’ve felt confident and felt crushed
I’ve made good choices and ones I wish I could reverse
I’ve nurtured dreams and lived through nightmares


and its all OK. Just like you, my life is a myriad of moments, a cornucopia of happenings, expected and unexpected, some sought and some not so, some significant and profound, others less so and maybe even thoughtfully insignificant, but all growth towards a whole me, a profound me, an amazing me, a strong me, a happy me, and a continuous string of events that forge my path and the journey that is my amazing life.




As well as nurturing a happy and positive outlook, I also love to quiet my mind and focus on good feeling thoughts. My immense love of nature and our beautiful world, coupled with the beautiful, and powerful way I love to use colour, helps me create dreamy ©Heart Holidays, and bring my dreams alive. 

Sometimes learning to cut out the noisy mind chatter can be a bit of stumbling block, making meditation all the more difficult to achieve, but you can still quiet your mind and focus your thoughts, and I would love to help you do so. I have written several guided visualisations, including, ©Where Will I Be, ©The Colour Path and now ©Heart Holidays.

I love the simple as well as the more complex. I love to decorate and garden, and to cook, and I have the most wonderful family and an adorable little dog, Alfie, who along with my Children and Grand Children is the love of my life.


Now, I want to help you find and see all the good in your life, too. Let me share my knowledge and expertise and show you how to use your thoughts and words, colour and the beauty surrounding you everyday to feel better about yourself, your life and your world.


Sending You Love and Light

Elaine x

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