60 and amazing, are you sure about that?

Initially it didn’t feel amazing, but the milestone had arrived, and cheekily, whilst I wasn’t really looking. It had arrived too soon, I wasn’t that number, I didn’t feel 60 and amazing at all! Inside I still felt the same as I did in my thirties, or maybe even my twenties… No, I’ll stick with my thirties; I loved my thirties. I think that was when I began to realise who I was, and what I wanted to experience in life. Right now, although my birthday had arrived, I wasn’t ready to be 60, I still had so much to do, so much to experience, and so much to enjoy.

As I reviewed my life, so far, ignoring the bits I wanted to, I was determined to stay positive; feeling vulnerable and imparting more self-doubt on myself wasn’t going to be part of this equation!  I had been always the one who took the lead, empowering others to be all that they could be and more; empowering women who may have been experiencing self-doubt. Back in my late twenties and early thirties I was a Women’s Worker, empowering young women to move forward with confidence, recognise their value and grow their self-esteem to move beyond self-doubt and limitation.

Now, as a woman who has recently reached an unwanted milestone birthday, and a woman who has wrestled with all sorts of ideas and notions about this new era of her life, I am once again feeling that innate passionate drive to help and empower other women as they approach, or go through Middle-Age, if that is still a term. To remind them that they can still go out and be anything that they still want to be, and not be caught up in old-age-old-fashioned thinking.

Age is irrelevant, especially at this point in human history. Never before have women had so many opportunities and so much going for them. We can still look, and more importantly feel good in our skin, feel good as our hair and body changes, accept the changes with a positive outlook, know that we are still as beautiful as ever, and know too, that we are women with a whole new life ahead of us, and that as we move forward we do so with a new wisdom, a wisdom that we have nurtured and grown innately over the years, so innately that we probably didn’t even realise we were doing so. We can have a new vision; life is amazing, if we want it to be. We are not finished in the workplace, nor do we need to settle for a life of retirement filled with complacency. No, we are a new breed of older women, we were the Baby Boomers, and now if we choose, we can rock our world with our positive and caring outlooks.

‘Till Next Time



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