"If you can dream it, you can do it...." Walt Disney

"To travel is to take a journey into yourself" Danny Kaye

"It's not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself and to make happiness your priority. It's necessary" Many Hale

"If you look the right way, you can see the whole world is a garden," Francis Hodgson Burnett

"Colours are the smiles of nature" James Henry Leigh Hunt

"Give yourself permission to dream" Randy Pausch

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Each day on Instagram I post a Daily Thoughts’ post, usually focusing on a powerful word or phrase.


The podcasts on this page are audio posts from those Instagram ‘Daily Thoughts’.

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The Colour Path



  • Use colour to focus your thoughts in beautiful ways
  • Immerse yourself and embrace the beauty of nature and the colours around you
  • Create inner space to celebrate the magic of your imagination and cultivate love of your surroundings and your life
  • Empower your heart and share your warmth and appreciation for your surroundings and your world
  • Revel in the beauty of nature’s colour
  • Make a positive difference in your life, and the lives of others
  • Create a new perspective to help increase your day to day happiness level


I Love This Idea – I Want To Know More

Where My Thoughts Lie

Art of Appreciation

Do you feel Happy and Abundant?

What does Happiness mean to you?

Appreciate the small things – They may just become the BIGGER things that make life feel good…

Take a look at my Happiness is and Thankful For pages, they are filled with the wonderful things in life.

Embracing Self Love

Did you know that Self Love takes on many forms? You may be familiar with some, like self-appreciation, self-worth,and self-esteem…

Being kind to yourself and treating yourself as you would your best friend is one way of showing yourself love.

Think about it for a moment…How many ways do you practise caring for yourself, and show yourself appreciation? Maybe, you are not sure how you would do that….Join us in our search to find and grow our Self Love during one of my beautiful and stunning retreats, or Weekend Workshops.

Embracing Colour

We know that colour has the power to affect mood and feelings. It helps create style and ambiance, and has a profound and beautiful effect in the natural world. Exploring our thoughts about colour and the effect colours have on our feelings and emotions can be empowering, can help lift our mood, and can help us feel good about ourselves, our life and the world around us. Learn more about how the colour that surrounds you, can help you feel more positive about your life in my Embracing Colour Pages, or Join me for one my artistic and practical Creative Workshops, or stunning Retreats set in beautiful and colourful locations around the world, where we will explore the presence of colour in our lives, and I will show you some of the techniques that I consciously and regularly use to focus positive thought and create good feelings throughout my day.

Writing to Heal My Heart

Explore inspirational and profound little nuggets and musings that share the value of gratitude and appreciation, love and positivity in our lives. Stories and snippets that map my journey to brighter days and happier thoughts, and the path to feeling good about myself, my life and my world.

Power of Positivity

Discover how powerful positive thoughts can be…By changing how you speak, and by focusing on feeling good, and noticing all the positive and good things around you – You can change how your view Your Self, Your Life, and the world around you – YOUR WORLD. Let me show you how to grow a positive mind-set and change your perspective allowing you find and see all the good and all the beauty that surrounds you everyday of your life.

Recognising Natural Beauty

The world is full of natural beauty with something for everyone to enjoy and appreciate. Beautiful landscapes. peaceful and colourful countryside, beautiful oceans and beaches, tranquil rivers and streams and dainty brooks, meadow flowers and trees, the night sky in all its twinkling glory; the list is endless. It’s all around us….At any moment in time, we only have to have to close our eyes and picture what we love about our world, feel it, sense it, see it – Our imagination has the power to whisk us away within the adventures of our mind.

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The Love in My Life Begins With Me

So true, appreciating and showing yourself a little love brings in more love in other ways. So go on, be kind to yourself today, nurture good feeling thoughts and treat yourself like your ‘best friend‘! You deserve it….Do this everyday and see how your life improves…Read in Blog

I Feel Good, Life Feels Good

This is so true…When I focus on feeling good, and feeling happy then my life and everything around me reflects that too. I began this by making it light-hearted and fun, and effortless. i turned it into a little game and focused on one feeling each day…Read on…

I Believe

Self-belief is an important part of who we are. It influences how we show up in the world, if we believe in ourselves, soaring becomes a part of our nature. Knowing and feeling we are enough and that we are lovable, capable, and able to be all we want to be….Read on

I Choose

I love knowing that I can choose how I want to feel each day, what I want to do and who I want to be, its all up to me…I  can choose to feel good and I can choose to look for what feels good or better in any given moment. I an chose to see the beauty around me….Read on

words Are Powerful, Be Careful What You Say to Yourself Today

We don’t always do that…We are not always careful what we say…Sometimes we are so unkind to ourselves that we treat ourselves badly…Have you ever told yourself that you are stupid or something even worse? Chances are that ..Read on….


I am feeling happy today, I am confident, I am ready for a really good day filled with laughter and smiles, I am feeling good, I am surrounded by happy, kind, thoughtful people, I am enjoying and loving my life, I am expecting to experience life’s magic and..Read on
I decide

I Decide

I decide…Y es I do, we all do, we all have decisions to make every day of our lives. Of course some decisions are more important than others, and can affect those around us too, but as with choice, ultimately our decisions are our own, our responsibility..Every..Read On

Be Kind to Yourself Today

Profound words, but what does taking care of yourself actually mean, and why is it so important? Taking care of yourself emotionally and spiritually is a gift that you give to yourself, it is a measure of your self-worth and self-esteem, and it can be so much fun…Read on


I Can…Such a profound little statement, that is actually HUGE…It’s the sort of statement that makes you want to stand tall and put your shoulders back, it musters strength from within, and is self-confidence at it’s best when couple with belief. It creates … Read on

“Life isn’t about finding yourself, Life is about creating yourself,” – George Bernard Shaw

I love my work-space; I love it’s freedom and informality.

I love that I can work in the garden, or my kitchen, or even at the beach, if I choose too. I can go to the Coffee Shop or the library, or the local park. I can sit by the river or the lake and work, enjoying the sunshine and the outdoor space, it’s so wonderful to look up at the sky above and the trees around me, so inspiring and so laid-back, yet I get so much more work done , and it is so fulfilling.I love my life!

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